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If you enjoy a beautiful garden, consider the following seasonal tips. 

Many people may think that the winter is not an appropriate time to think about your garden; however, the winter is an excellent time to do tree pruning and yard cleanups.  By pruning in the winter you will be helping your plants to promote healthy spring growth.  


A healthy garden starts with proper spring maintenance. Once the garden has awoken from its winter dormancy, it is important to prepare it for the growth season.  Consider preparing your beds by using fertilizers, mulch, and preemergent.  When done correctly, you will effectively promote growth and prevent weeds.


Water...Water...Water... Summer is also a time when plants and shrubs grow.  In order to push new growth and blooms, it may be necessary to remove some of the old growth.  Do this by corrective pruning shrubs and ornamental trees as well as deadhead flowering plants like roses.  


This is a great time to aerate and overseed your lawn.  By seeding in the fall customers will benefit from the both the climate and natural seasonal rains that provide the optimum conditions for growth:  not to mention reducing the cost to maintain a new, healthy lawn.

Looking for ideas?  Visit our "Garden Planning" page to get started.

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